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Pack for Sports Joints

Physical activity offers a lot more than a simple loss of kilo if it is combined with powerful FOREVER food supplements that combine your immune system.

Pack for sport to take care of your joints

This program is for any adult, male or female who wants to take care of their joints

Benefits of this pack for the joints

– Thermogenic Emulsion: Rich in menthol, eucalyptus and jojoba oils providing an amazing feeling of warmth and ideal for relaxing and relieving muscles.
-MSM Gel: Combine Aloe Vera gel (% 40,2), extracts of herbs and other agents selected to relieve the joints at all times.
-Forever Calcium: The new formula of Forever Calcium contains a better dosage of calcium and magnesium that contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle function.
-Absorb C: Rich in vitamin Natural fibers of oats and honey, this product is to consume to eliminate tiredness and find tone and energy.

Using the pack

– Thermogenic emulsion: Apply massage to the muscle.
-MSM Gel: Apply in massage on the necessary areas.
-Forever Calcium: 1 tablet per day preferably in the morning
-Absorbant C: 1 tablet daily, in the morning.

This pack contains

  • Thermogenic emulsion
  • Msm Gel
  • Forever Calcium
  • Absorbent C